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Learn the Art of Maximizing the use of your Innate Healing Tools


 Human Body has innate tools to self heal itself 24/7. Mother Nature does not discriminate and equally provides these tools of healing to ALL living beings.  The single biggest cause for disease or imbalance is our individual LACK of UTILIZATION of these innate self healing tools to its Maximum potential. Those who master these tools learn to live a healthy, pain free life while those who do not,  continue to wonder why they suffer while others heal.


My Philosophy is to bridge the gap between knowledge and ignorance while shifting an idividual from underutilization to maximization of innate self healing tools. These tools possess the dynamic ability to keep one healthy for life. 


Ready to learn which tools you are underutilizing and which you can maximize? 

Unique Health Propogation 

Vedic Dental

Mouth is the Largest Gateway into our inner world. Learning how it influences not just the entire body via intake of food, water and air, it is also the only portal that allows every living being to communicate its inner existence with the outside world. The daily, past and future ups and downs within mind, emotions, spirit/soul and energy  are communicated with the outer world via words, expression and exhalation. 


At Vedic Dental our philosophy is

Smiles are Optional, Your Health is NOT

We focus to use mouth as an self healing education tool for overall health. We help you connect the dots between health, disease, balance and peace. Also between mouth, body, soul, mind and emotions. On the foundations of good health, we believe smiles are created as a good by-product that lasts a lifetime. 


Through blended wonders of Ayurveda and best of Modern technology, patients experience a whole body integrative diagnostic and treatment planing approach. With intent for long term overall well being. 

Vaidic Align
Integrative Health

According to Ayurveda, 80% of bodily ailments can be healed, reversed or contained using easy to use innate tools already pre-existing and ready to use within each of our body. 


Teaching our patients and students how to maximize the use of many of the pre-existing tools well documented in Ayurveda, Tibetan and Chinese medicine is what we focus on. Mindful healing becomes easy when one understands the Why behind the self healing process.


From Ayurvedic mini Panchakarma, therapeutic Pain Rehabilitation using guided and self driven healing protocols to Meditative Mantras (Sound healing) and Pranayama (Life force healing), our focus is to empower our patients and students with accelerated self healing pathways for life. 


We offer oxygen ozone single person sauna healing to ayurvedic massages, shirodhara, marma therapies, nadi pariksha and more. 

Health Alchemy Inc
(501 c3b Non-Profit)


Health Alchmey Inc is a 501c3b Non-Profit initiative founded by Dr. Kalpna Ranadive with a mission to transform lives of Seniors, Veterans, Caretakers and individuals experiencing pain using Ayurveda, integrative health and dentistry. 


Fear of disease, accelerating aging, untimely death and sheer lack of control plagues almost each of us when it comes to health  Right Knowledge at Right Time with Right Guidance can help every individual, be it a Hyperactive child to Aged Seniors. 


Our Current Projects involve helping Seniors age independently to minimize the burden on societal, govenmental and personal levels. 


Our Second project focuses on Mental health and emtional health components along with physical health for Veterans. 









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About Dr. Kalpna Ranadive

Dr. Kalpna Ranadive is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, American Medical Board Certified Naturopathic practitioner and an Integrative Biologic Medicine Dentist. Apart from being a Gold medalist, She has got America's Top Dentist award continuously for the past 12 years. She is known for her Yogi Meets Doctor work that helps patients, students and strangers seeking pain and suffering relief for self and others. She is a pioneer in blending 3D technology with ancient health sciences like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chinese and Tibetian medicine. Routinely known as an East meets West doctor, she feels complex health issues can easily be solved by bridging the gap between the practical use of ancient wisdom in its pure authentic form and blending it with modern technology.  She is passionate about our need to go beyond old health beliefs lost in ego centric religous chaos and focusing to create practical easy to implement daily health routines for greater good of humanity.  Through her Vaidic Align and Yogi meets Doctor mission, she is helping create a generational shift in current and future health seekers by aligning them to the health tools already existing within their body, mind and invisible everything within. 


In 2016, she became the first dentist as well as the first woman dentist to introduce Ayurveda in biologic dentistry in United States of America.  


Dr. Kalpna believes that "Mouth" is a Central Gateway" into 90% invisible within and also the only portal that allows for communication from within to be known to outside world without.  Whether one is seeking end of suffering or simple nourishment, Mouth can help or hurt based on the choices one makes.  She truly believes that by tapping into unlimited power embedded within the Portal called Mouth, anyone can bring about long lasting health changes for self and those around them. 


"Sync with Nature but Cherry Pick the Best Technology to Suit Your Needs" 


After completing her Masters in Periodontics in 1998, She went on to become the first resident to complete a fellowship exclusively in Implantology from Boston University in 2001. She then graduated magna cum laude and multiple prestigious awards from University of Pennsylvania in 2006. As an Ivy League student, while at University of Pennsylvania, she founded a Transition to Private Practice Study club aimed to help students accelerate their entry into work force as savy business owners and practitioners. Within few months of its inceptions, this club attracted donations and funds of over $100,000, which further helped students learn how to start ethically viable dental practices in various parts of United States. She then got Listed in the Who’s Who of most successful professionals in the world. In 2007, she started a highly successful high tech dental practice. In 2009 She became the first dentist in Maryland to have a fully integrated digital dental office with CAD-CAM - CEREC, 3D Cone Beam and Lasers.

 The central theme of her practice revolves around education driven healing using modrn technology and blending it with ayurveda & ancient health science wisdom. On one hand, as much as she is a minimalistic & holistic in her treatment approach, on the other hand, she is very hi-tech and uses the best technology for her patients. Dr. Kalpna truly beleives our enamel and every part of the body is more precious that diamonds. Preservation of naturally innate and propogation of health is thus seen in just about everything she does and teaches.  From CAD-CAM, digitally computerized and 3D robotic technology to lasers,ozone and more, for many years now, she has provided amazing one visit hi-tech dentistry to her patients. For those of you who do not know about Ayurveda, Ayurveda is a Traditional health science and medicine used in India and Tibet, has a large inter-influence with Chinese medicine and is used by over a billion people across the globe. 


As an international speaker, author she is sought after trainer by dentists and health care professionals as she teaches them how to integrate ancient vedic wisdom in their health practices. She is a naturalist, minimalistic and eco-friendly dental surgeon who strongly believes in saving teeth while paying attention to integrative health pathways.


Dr. Kalpna Ranadive is also currently involved in helping  Montgomery County high school students career plan various aspects of dentistry and health care into their career choices. She is a great inspiration for students to model from and for MCPS teachers to refer students to. Especially during Covid shutdowns that curbed students in person interactions, she opened her office for middle and high school students to come in and observe, question and seek guidance. Her office team and her have inspired students to now dream and think big. Students not only were able to talk to patients first hand but also saw how good customer service, patient care and ethical practice wins patients heart and more word of mouth referrals. From helping students with their college applications to opening up businesses, she has helped the next generation to pave forth new ways for themselves. As a mom herself, she feels passing on the wisdom from one generation to another must happen regularly and with open heart. Only then not only the country but the whole world will prosper financially, emotionally and peacefully. 

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