ChlorophyllGreat alternative  for Bad Breath and as a mouthwash and extract. But amazing for Altitude sickness, iron building, oxygen generation. Better than Ozone.. Usually in double bottle form of availability.

Iron Building : Chlorophyll (tablets or liquid), Iron Vitamin, Vitamin C Boosted Iron, Iron Fortified Cereal, Folic Acid.

Red Korean Ginseng – Alternative to Menopausal issues. Available in liquid extract form too. 

Folic Acid – Great for women during and after Pregnancy.

VitexMother of Womb Herb – Also known as Chasteberry. Great alternative for Menopause, Hot flashes and re balancing hormones. Can be used in liquid extract, pill or powder form

Premenstrual Syndrome liquid extractGreat alternative for women experiencing excess, scanty or irregular bleeding.

Vitamin B12Methylcobalamine Single or 3 bottles or Bulk or liquid – For replenishing B12 deficiency.

If you want to buy Full spectrum Natural B Vitamins and Double pack or three packs

Vitamin D – Natural Vitamin D enhanced capsules or liquid

Vitamin B3Niacin – Great for relaxation and calming. – Also available in mega bulk powder form

Iodine free multivitamins – For Thyroid patients.Thyroid Health

Ashwagandha – Natural alternative to calm and relax body and mind. Available in actual dried roots, Powder, Root, liquid, capsules, multipack capsulesthree pack liquid and bulk 

Triphala – Great Digestive Tea. Tridoshic balancer. Available in Bulk, Bulk liquid, Powder, Capsules, double packs, liquid form

Amla – Great natural alternative for Vitamin C. Available in powder, liquid, bulk and capsule form.

Neem – Good natural herbal mouthwash. Available in tablets, capsules,  powder, liquid, bulk and oil form.  Also part of toothpaste or tooth powder.

Tulsi – Holy Basil Extract, capsules,

Castor OilFood grade or Cold pressed


Disclaimer: Material written or spoken on this entire website and this page specifically are for information purpose only. All links are merely to guide and assist you in finding products on amazon easily. Dr. Kalpna Ranadive or any of her associated companies are no way in form, shape or person, endorsing or recommending any particular company for any product. Please do your own due diligence and research before buying any of the items from the list above.


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